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About Tantra Massage – Have you ever wondered what Tantric massage was?

Tantra is the path of waking up to the truth of who we are through the unification of opposites. It is a journey of becoming fully present with ourselves, with our life, in each moment. This process of becoming present is deeply connected to the body. Whereas the mind tends to wander in the past and future, the body is rooted in this moment. Here and now.

In Tantra, the body is considered a sacred temple and a gateway into divine consciousness. Sexual energy is revered as the potent life force energy to be cultivated as a vehicle to reach higher states of consciousness and ultimate awakening. Known as the non-dual path, this ancient mystery school embraces the entirety of our being. Both our fears and desires hold precious keys from which we can emerge into wholeness.

Tantra Massage Origins!

The roots of Tantra reach back to the Indus valley approximately 5,000 years ago as a mystical path that simply yet profoundly embraced the totality of human experience. Desire, fear, passion, love and even suffering were considered direct paths, rather than obstacles, to awakening. This was an extremely radical departure from the formal and puritanical dogma of the Hindu and Buddhist religions of the time where women were forbidden to partake in many rites and the holiest of men were living in solitude seeking liberation through denial of the body. Not only were Tantrikas using their bodies as vehicles for awakening, many of the most enlightened adepts and teachers were women.

The Spirituality of Tantric Massage

Many spiritual paths, both ancient and modern, eastern and western have incorporated aspects of Tantra massage. Many of them even call themselves Tantra and all are extremely different from each other. Which one is the real deal? This is a path riddled with paradox, requiring immersion into experience rather than intellectual tinkering and for this reason it is impossible to define in a linear context. Like all mystical paths, it is mysterious by nature.

In Tantra people say that “the path is the result, the result is the path“. Rather than clinging to a future goal of awakening, the Tantric path teaches the full immersion of consciousness into this moment here and now as the gateway into the heart of reality. Instead of denying the senses by way of asceticism or compulsively indulging in sensory consumption by way of hedonism, the Tantric approach seeks to cultivate deep connection and present awarenesswithin the dance of the senses, savoring each moment as it flows into the next. In this way, even mundane tasks can become an exquisite meditation. You can even savour painful feelings as a delicate play of sensations.

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The ultimate truth of our reality is one of unity, interconnection and wholeness. The presence of this truth is hidden by the perceived duality which permeates every aspect of reality. At the core of all duality is the polarized frequency of negative and positive which forms the basis of our experience of reality and of ourselves. By embracing one thing, we reject the opposite and the split creates a separation from unity consciousness.

Integrating polarity work is the process of illuminating the fundamental wholeness of existence by bringing unconscious material into awareness and balancing the opposing polarities that form the structure of reality. Many describe enlightenment as the experience of non-dual awareness. Awakening to this awareness can happen suddenly or gradually but is ultimately beyond intellectual comprehension alone.

Many say that supreme realisation occurs on the level of the body. Releasing a bliss that vibrates within every cell. In Tantra, every experience and encounter is ripe to catalyze awakening and no aspect of existence is more valuable than another. A lot say that this people call Tantra, the “path of Yes”. This non-dual openness to all of existence is the ultimate embrace of the totality of life.